NEC3 PSC: What method exists for withdrawing a Compansation Event

A Compensation Event has been issued and a resolution has now been agreed which negates the need for the CE or quotation. There are no cost or time implications.
What method exists for the Employer to withdraw the CE?

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For these type of CE’s I have dealt with, they are implemented at zero cost and zero time. I have not found any contractual clause that states when a Compensation event is accepted but then decided that there are actually no effects on Prices, key Dates or Completion Dates, the CE can be withdrawn. We use web based contract management so we have to implement them at zero cost and time as it will not let the CE be withdrawn once accepted as a CE.

I agree with Stephen,
the CE will be implemented as Zero Cost & Time, no mechanism to withdraw, apparently, Zeroing it makes no difference to the AFC/ or FD. so this should be acceptable to all parties. we do have such instances CE’s does not impact as planned originally.