NEC TSC: Rate banding

I am working on a term service maintenance contract and i have got the query for rate banding.

Normally the agreed price is based on different banding ie 0-50m, 50-100 etc., but the Client challenged on couple of occasions where they club the whole item in the larger band rate.
Say if we have 100m kerbing we need to use two banding rates
0-50m = £
50-100m =£

Please can some one give me an advice where I can find the details of how to use the band rate. Can i find something in the standard method of measurement?

To be able to answer the question you need to understand how the Price List was put together and any relevant Z clauses. Use of a standard method of measurement is not dealt with in the TSC therefore this must be a client specific requirement.

Many Thanks Neil, I have looked into the contract and the Z clauses and no where it clearly said how to use the band rates. We will put the question back to the client. Again many thanks for your response.