NEC Compensation Events - Pricing Inefficiencies

Hi All,

I currently have a project that is NEC 3 Option A.

We have experienced some inefficient use of plant and labour on site due to the Contractor delaying access to working areas etc. However, during this time, we completed other works but with reduced efficiency. For example, we had two gangs completing activities that we would have otherwise only utilised one gang for.

Therefore, I’m looking to price say 50% inefficiency for this activity. However, myself and my colleagues admittedly aren’t 100% sure on the strength of submitting ‘inefficiency’ CE quotations from a contractural point of view.

Any recommendations or opinions would be gratefully received.

Many thanks.

This is always a difficult assessment but perhaps tackle it the other way around.

Price the ‘inefficiency’ of the labour gang at 100% and then calculate a ‘credit’ for mitigation measures, say at 50%.