How long does a Contractor have to response to a request for a Task Order quotation under TSC X19?

I’m not sure if the contract is silent, but how long does the Contractor have to reply to a Service Managers Instruction to submit a quote for a draft task order (X19). Cemar does not apply a time for response, and I cannot find anything in any of the books.

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X19 is silent on the timetable for providing quotations for Task Orders, but does require the Service Manager to discuss the content of Task Orders with the Contractor, so perhaps the most straightforward solution would be to agree a timetable with the Contractor.

There is a general obligation for both parties to reply promptly to communcations rather than instruction within the period for reply under cl. 13.3 and there is also a timetable for quotations under the compensation event mechanism, but neiher strictly apply to the Task Order process.