As-built dates and delay event

Hi, if the delay event happened few months ago (say from 5 Sep to 30 Sep 2020) and the baseline programme data date used is on 30 Aug 2020 and say notification date is 1 Sep 2020 , I have the ffg. questions:

  1. I note that the delay event as-built dates will be used, but should I use also as-built dates for the concurrent activities and subsequent activities dates of the delay event?
  2. Should I also reflect the as-built logic of concurrent and subsequent activities?
  3. If the answer to item 1 and 2 is yes, up to which date I need to use the as-built dates of the concurrent subsequent activities? Is it the immediate successors only or up to today?

Thank you.

Can you clarify which contract you are using

NEC3 Option D, target cost.