Are CEs remeasured under Option B

If you issue a CE for additional work (Cl 60.1(1) under Option B, and the Contractor submits his quotation before the work is done based on changes to the BoQ which increases quantities for items for which there are rates - you accept the quote so it is implemented. Do you then remeasure this element of the work and if it is less deduct the difference from the Prices or as you’ve already accepted the quote it cannot be revisited?

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When I first read this, my answer straight off the mark was ‘No’. If the Project Manager accepts a quotation, then that is the end of it.

However, there is a slight subtlety here (and I will put the key words in capitals, as I can’t underline or bold them) : if the PM accepted the quotation for the additional work to be REMEASURED using the same rates as in the original BoQ, as opposed to effectively accepting a lump sum (based on FORECAST quantities times the same rate), then the former might be true.

However, the devil will be in the detail of the Contractor’s quotation i.e. what did the quotation say.