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NEC3 ECC: Can holidays be added to programme?

+1 vote
Can the Contractor include an allowance for holidays in the latest programme if it there has been no allowance previously?
asked Mar 26, 2015 in NEC3 Time by anonymous   3 8

1 Answer

+1 vote
A Contractor can and should add any allowances for holidays or non-working windows. However, unless this is due to a compensation event (which is unlikely) this will only effect their planned Completion, not their Completion Date. It will be their liability therefore to reflect the true working calendars they intend to work to but equally their obligation to make that still fit within the Completion Date, otherwise they will be liable for Delay Damages if X7 has been included within the contract.
answered Mar 26, 2015 by Glenn Hide (33,670 points)