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NEC ECC: Failure to reply to query on compensation event quotation, by the Contractor

+1 vote
The Contractor has failed to reply to a query on their quotation submitted, what is the recourse for the Employer? Is the Employer obligated to remind the Contractor of their failure, allowing the Contractor a further 2 weeks to reply or does the Project Manager make their own assessment?
asked Mar 19 in Compensation Events by anonymous (3,730 points)  

1 Answer

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Best answer
No need to remind the Contractor they have not responded to a query on a quotation. If they do not agree with a quotation, they can reject the quote as more information is needed, and either wait for the revised quote (which might just be back up to verify the original quote) or state that you will assess it yourself as Project Manager.
answered Mar 19 by Glenn Hide Panel Member (82,630 points)  
selected Mar 20 by Neil Earnshaw