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NEC ECC: Option A - Assessing multiple small compensation events

0 votes
I've started working on a project that is nearly complete but has a number of small CEs occurring. The contract is NEC3 ECC Option A, and when it was priced the Contractors were also asked to price a BoQ as well as an activity schedule (that was given to them to price).

I'm assessing a quotation from the contractor and our PM wants to use rates from the BoQ as he says they are applicable to most of the work in the quote.

What is the correct process here, as I've never seen a BoQ used alongside an activity schedule?
asked Oct 3, 2019 in Compensation Events by GJ (140 points)  

1 Answer

+1 vote
Under NEC3 ECC clause option A clause 63.14, rates and lump sums can be used to assess compensation events, BUT only by agreement with the Contractor. I.e. the default is to use change in Defined Costs plus Fee as per clause clause 63.1.
answered Oct 4, 2019 by Jon Broome Panel Member (64,230 points)