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NEC ECC: Contract not paid suppliers and lost plant/equipment

0 votes
The Contractor has not paid its suppliers and a plant which was being used to complete the works has gone missing and the Contractor could not explain where its gone.

What am I able to do regarding the Contractor becoming insolvent/bankrupt although currently he isn't but may be. Also, what options can I take regarding the item the Contractors lost?

This is under NEC4 ECC.
asked Feb 20, 2019 in Risk and Insurance by Zed (460 points)  
Please can you confirm which main Option of the NEC4 ECC applies?
Option A. However, I would like to know the answer of other options too just to have a better understanding if there is different outcomes

1 Answer

0 votes
In your question you state plant by which I assume you mean Equipment.

You don't say if your concerns extend to the Contractor not performing on site progressing the works.

I suggest that if the Contractor is not performing you notify an early warning and have an open discussion.
answered Feb 25, 2019 by dave bates Panel Member (15,100 points)