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NEC ECS: Is Depreciation Defined Cost on an Option A Quotation?

0 votes
The Subcontractor has experienced a delay to Access Dates of 8 months to which they had bought new vehicles before the Contract Start date for this project specifically. As the new vehicles have been sitting in storage and are not being used, is the Subcontractor able to recover the depreciation of the vehicles?
asked Feb 7 in Compensation Events by charliemogridge (200 points)  

1 Answer

+1 vote
Whether NEC3 or NEC4, under option A the answer is 'No' as depreciation is not a heading in Equipment under the Short(er) Schedule of Cost Components.

The only way in which you could charge was if the storage area was within the Working Areas, when you would be able to charge the full cost !
answered Feb 7 by Jon Broome Panel Members (56,140 points)