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NEC ECC: Should an NEC3 Option C Contractor be applying for Inflation (X1) to their NEC3 Option A Subcontractor's 'costs'?

0 votes
I represent the client and the Contractor is working under an ECC
asked Jan 31 in Secondary X, W and Y options by ASimpleQS (390 points)  
edited Feb 1 by ASimpleQS

1 Answer

+1 vote
The answer is NO as X1 operates to add an inflationary adjustment amount to the Prices (target) based on the value of an interim assessed amount of PWDD due.

The adjustment to the Prices is made based on when cost is actually incurred, by applying a Price Adjustment factor (PAF) calculation, which compares the current indices  with the Base Date Indices (as stated in the Contract Data).
answered Feb 1 by Andrew W-I Panel Members (21,010 points)  
Thanks for your answer... in theory the Contractor's PWDD will include works associated with their Subcontractor's Option A Subcontract Agreements... on that basis it sounds like whether they award their Subcontract agreements under an A, C etc. is irrelevant?