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NEC ECC: Any liability issued defining quantities within an Activity Schedule?

+1 vote
A contract was awarded using ECC Option A. The Employer left tenderer's free to define the activities on their activity schedule.What are the possible disadvantages if the Employer had defined the activities on the activity schedule?
asked Jan 25 in General by moorej (170 points)  

1 Answer

0 votes
The risk of errors in the activity schedule remain with the Contractor. The activity schedule is not Works Information. Changes in the wording of quantity in the activity schedule on their own are not compensation events.

The contract does not expect the Employer to have written the activity schedule, so the Contractor needs to verify anything written as they will take responsibility. It would be useful if the Employer makes it clear that the Contractor should add/change anything in the activity schedule and break it into their own level of detail.
answered Jan 25 by Glenn Hide Panel Members (74,800 points)