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NEC ECC: Can a CE introduce a new contractual Sectional Completion?

0 votes
NEC3 ECC Option A Contract - If the Employer wants to add external works to the contract, at a late stage, as a CE can we introduce sectional completion? Can the contract completion date be split for the building works and a second completion date for landscaping? If using clause X7 would damages then be able to be levied if building works were completed late? Should the contract Completion Date remain the same for the building and when the building is complete the Employer takes over the building whilst work continues on the externals?
asked Jan 23 in Compensation Events by AnnaES (140 points)  

1 Answer

+1 vote
In short, the answer is 'No' as you would be making changes to the Contract Data which neither the Employer or Project Manager has the contractual authority to agree to.

If you do want to do it, it would be by Supplementary Agreement between the Employer and Contractor of which, part of the agreement, would almost certainly include a rise in the Prices over and above what would be in a compensation event quotation alone for the extra works (and no sectional Completion).
answered Jan 23 by Jon Broome Panel Members (56,140 points)