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NEC ECC: New Works Information issued with out PMI's

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Can an instruction to change the Works Information (for example a drawing revision, requests by the PM to add/ omit works) be issued through General Communications or Early Warnings? Or indeed email? I note the Northern Ireland Housing Executive v Healthy Buildings (Ireland) Limited case where a minute from a meeting was deemed as an instruction and a subsequent Compensation Event occurred.
asked Apr 15 in Time by QS - NEC3 (270 points)  

1 Answer

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Provided the communication complies with the requirements of clause 13, then it would be a valid instruction. There have been other posts on this subject recently which you can find in a search.

If the instruction changes the Works Information then the Project Manager is also obliged to notify the matter as a compensation event, or, if the PM fails to do so, the Contractor should notify accordingly.
answered Apr 16 by Andrew WI (13,200 points)  
selected May 10 by Glenn Hide