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NEC ECC: Replacing a Project Manager

0 votes
The Contractor has communicated with the client asking for the project manager to be replaced. Can he do this?

He has spoken to the Client because the Project Manager has not replied to his communication regarding starting the works (although the Project Manager stopped because the Contractor was working in dangerous conditions).

Also the Contractor has asked the client for compensation because the Project Manager has not replied to his communication which was only in regards to restarting the works.
asked Apr 13, 2018 in General by Zed (460 points)  

1 Answer

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The simple  answer to this is yes, of course the contractor can take matters up direct with the Employer if he wishes. Whether the Employer chooses to do anything or pushes it back to the PM is a different matter.

Properly, or perhaps more constructively, this should probably have been done in the context of a risk reduction meeting where the Employer attended.
answered Apr 13, 2018 by Rob Horne Panel Members (19,700 points)  
selected May 10, 2018 by Glenn Hide