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NEC ECC: CECA applied for weekend work when hire cost covered in weekday working?

+1 vote
Option A, agreed plant & equipment at CECA minus a percentage. CE has been raised to cover weekend working though I’m aware that there would be no additional hire cost to the contractor (fuel is still used of course). Does this allow an assessment without using CECA as the rate is not a reflection of the Defined Cost or is this a ‘take it on the chin’ incidence?
asked Mar 7 in SOCC SSOCC by anonymous (1,970 points)  

1 Answer

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Best answer
What is Defined Cost in option A is defined in the SSOCC and not based on the actual cost incurred by the Contractor. For Equipment, provided it is covered by the CECA schedule then you include in the assessment the adjusted CECA rate x "time for which the Equipment is required" - see component 2, item 21.

So yes, you'll have to take this on the chin!
answered Mar 7 by Neil Earnshaw (18,060 points)  
selected Mar 10 by Glenn Hide