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NEC3 ECC: Option B SSoCC Payments for Electricity

+1 vote
The Works information describes the site as being an 'island site' to which no mains services connections are available.  As a consequence, the contractor is using a generator to provide power for the working area.
Following implementation of a compensation event, the construction programme has been extended.
In terms of power during the extended period, is the contractor entitled to reimbursement of the costs for the hire of the generator and its fuel usage under SSoCC Section 2 equipment, or is the cost of providing power via the generator covered by application of the people overheads.
asked Mar 2 in SOCC SSOCC by Lindyg (160 points)  

1 Answer

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Best answer
The opening sentence of Equipment 2 states "The following components of the cost of Equipment which is used within the Working Areas (including the cost of accommodation, but excluding Equipment cost covered by the percentage for people overheads).", so in the percentage for people overheads.
answered Mar 2 by Jon Broome (49,300 points)  
selected Mar 10 by Glenn Hide