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NEC ECC: What next if PM rejects a notified CE?

0 votes
What happens when a Contractor notifies a Compensation Event that he believes is an Event, but the Employer / Project Manager rejects this stating that in their opinion its not a CE, what is the next course of action and is the Contractor time barred on disputing the PM's decision?
asked Jan 5, 2018 in General by gav627 (150 points)  

1 Answer

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In terms of explicit procedures in the contract, the next course of action is adjudication which, under W2, there is no time bar.

However, implied within the contract - as there is a compensation event for it - is the ability of the PM and Supervisor to change their mind. Consequently, I would find out what the difference of opinion wrt why it is/isn't a compensation event and then address the difference in the hope of changing the PM's decision.
answered Jan 7, 2018 by Jon Broome (49,980 points)