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FIDIC: The Employer declare that All information relating the site, soil data and other aspects provided in the Tender Documents and Drawings and/or given by the Consultant’s staff are to be treated strictly as general information only without any warranty.

0 votes
If so, as a Contractor, shall we conduct construction work with confidence? It means Any subsequent damage caused by the incorrect info provided by the employer must be beared by the contractor?
asked Nov 17 in Construction Contract (Red Book) by Morris Yang (130 points)  

1 Answer

+1 vote
This scenario is not too unusual and I was in fact debating that as member of a panel at a seminar yesterday. In these circumstances the Contractor has taken the risk so should satisfy itself that the required information is correct, sufficient and accurate. If not I would strongly advise carrying out further investigations or the risk the contractor exposes itself too is very considerable.
answered Dec 1 by Rob Horne (9,570 points)  
Thank you, Mr. Rob.