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Do I have to log in or create an account?

+2 votes
Do I have to log in or create an account?
asked Sep 15, 2012 in ReachBack FAQs by Admin (290 points)  
recategorized Sep 15, 2012 by Admin

1 Answer

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You can answer and suggest edits as an anonymous user, much like Wikipedia. There are some things you won’t be able to do on the site without registering, such as vote or ask new questions. But it’s easy to register.
If you have a registered account on any other sites in our network with at least 200 reputation, you will receive a +100 point reputation bonus when you first log in.
Once logged in, you can gain other key privileges through reputation, most crucially the right to vote.
answered Sep 15, 2012 by Admin (290 points)  
selected Mar 1, 2018 by Mark Chitty