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NEC ECC: Change to working pattern

0 votes
If the PM instructs the Contractor to change his working pattern from say a single day shift, 8.5 hour day, to double shift across a 17 hour period in a day is that the same as acceleration or for acceleration to take effect under the Contract does the PM have to specifically refer to it?
asked Aug 1, 2017 in NEC3 Time by APW (620 points)  

1 Answer

+1 vote
No this is not the same thing as acceleration, which is specifically dealt with under clause 36 of the contract. This instruction would be a compensation event which would be assessed accordingly within section 6 of the contract.

Acceleration is under section 3 of the contract. It is an instruction to produce a quote to achieve Completion Date earlier than that shown on the Accepted Programme. The instruction above to speed up can only bring forward planned Completion, it will not in itself bring forward Completion Date, as a compensation event can't do that.
answered Aug 1, 2017 by Glenn Hide (33,710 points)  
Thank you for the response. I was almost sure this was the case, just wanted to check before I commit to something on the project I am on. Appreciate your views.