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JCT - No construction drawings at time of signing contract?

+2 votes
Would you sign a jct contract with no construction issue drawing in place and the contract still refers to tender drawing and a scope of works that is very broad sweeping statements in it language
asked Apr 18 in JCT Contracts by Sean   1 5

1 Answer

+1 vote
No. Or perhaps, not unless there is a clear recognition that this is not a fixed price contract with a proper price and scope to be agreed. In other words, if this is set up properly as a two stage process and an employer wants to involve a contractor early in some form of ECI then yes this can be a good idea. If it is an attempt to short cut proper, reasoned and thought out procurement then the risk is going to be high and difficult to quantify.
answered Apr 19 by Rob Horne (9,530 points)