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NEC ECC: Under option D, do I have to pay if subcontract supply payment application late?

+1 vote
PM did an assessment on assessment date. Subcontractor did not submit their payment application on time. Would the Subcontractor entitle for a payment?
asked Apr 11, 2017 in NEC3 Payment by Cisco010101 (170 points)  

1 Answer

+1 vote
Currently under NEC3 family of contracts, clause 50.4 obligates the PM to assess the Contractors amount due (ECC) and the Contractor to assess Subcontractors amount due (ECS) whether or not they have submitted an application themselves.

This will be changing under NEC4 where it will obligate the Contractor or Subcontractor to submit their application for Price for Work Done to Date in order for the PM to assess.
answered Apr 11, 2017 by Glenn Hide (35,100 points)