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JCT: Can a vesting certificate be used to cover "raw materials" which in turn will be constructed in a Item or only viable once the Unit has been built ?

+1 vote
A "Widget" is being construction and a contractor insists the specialist wants payment for the raw materials stored in the factory specifically allocated to this itemt. The following month the "widget" will be well into production and physically visible.

Can a Vesting Certificate be used to cover the raw materials ? or should be only used once the " widget " has been constructed ?
asked Mar 8 in JCT Contracts by PGECH01 (160 points)  

1 Answer

0 votes
You probably could use a vesting certificate but there are going to be all sorts of problems with that not least identifying the raw materials properly ands what you would do with them without the specialist undertaking the process.

There are, I suggest, better solutions to this problem.
answered Mar 22 by Rob Horne (9,570 points)