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NEC3 ECC: If option Y(UK)2 is selected do bank holidays count for the period of reply?

+1 vote
NEC3 talks in 'weeks' for response times with no reference to working weeks. If Y(UK)2 is selected then the period of time is in accordance with Section 116 of the HGRCA as amended by LDEDCA 2009 which excludes Christmas Day, good Friday and bank holidays from the count of days.
asked May 19, 2015 in NEC3 General by Mark   1

1 Answer

+2 votes
NEC3 talks in 'weeks' for response times with no reference to working weeks, working days etc. . Consequently, a week means from Monday to Monday, Tuesday to Tuesday etc, regardless of whether that week includes non-working days such as weekends (which it always will) and bank holidays.

Having said that on a practical basis I would within a programme set up activities on a working calendar - including acceptance periods etc. If we are having to play "games" with response times (not that I am saying you are necessarily here) then the contract is probably not going very well.
answered May 19, 2015 by Glenn Hide (33,040 points)